Providing Full Coverage for Multi-Purpose Venues—Amalie Arena

  • 7 Emerson power plants
  • Corning One platform
  • 56 Corning One remotes
  • 56 MatSing antennas with custom mounts
  • 698 Corning RAU5s
  • VoltServer DC power solution
  • GE Power Express
  • 5 miles of ½" coax
  • 2 miles of Electrowire power cable
  • 2 miles of Corning fiber
  • 5 miles of Telcoflex power and ground cable
  • 13 miles of Corning composite cable
  • 4,000+ fiber splices
  • 63 Ericsson radios
  • 14 Ericsson 6630 BBUs
  • 116 Marathon-type batteries
Aerial view of Amalie Arena in Tampa Florida

Today’s fans demand constant, uninterrupted internet access as they share texts, photos, and videos of the big event with family and friends. When Tampa Amalie Arena was chosen to host the 2020 NHL draft, Arena management decided to bring their communications quality to the next level

The last upgrade to the telecommunications system for the Arena was in 2012 when the National Convention was hosted there. The system was long due for an update. 

In addition to improving connectivity, management wanted to enable full coverage in the arena itself. Many stadiums and arenas lack coverage in the center, where game play takes place, because in the past there wasn’t a need for it. The athletes wouldn’t be getting online in the middle of a game. But now, these venues are not just for sports but also for concerts, exhibitions and other mass events where connectivity is required across the entire arena.

Amalie Arena required an innovative solution to bring wireless technology to the whole venue, so they chose two experienced partners, MatSing RF lens manufacturers and Betacom, to install a DAS (distributed antenna system).

Superior Antenna Deployment and Innovation 

This was Betacom’s first experience working with MatSing, which produces superior antennas that can be deployed throughout an infrastructure project and have a stronger reach than other antennas.

The antennas’ unique shape and size made it a challenge to install them and ensure that they could provide the widest coverage possible. Betacom was up to the task. The team fabricated three custom mounts to give the antenna a full range of motion in each install location. Upon installation, a laser was used to pinpoint the correct down-tilt and azimuth to fine tune coverage in all areas.

Betacom installers showcased their range of skills as they worked with engineers to equip the Arena with a wide range of power solutions and installations methods to meet the exacting requirements of the venue. The Arena is now 4G enabled and 5G ready, providing sports and music fans alike with high-speed performance throughout the Arena.

Choose an Innovative Solution

If you’re looking for a turnkey solution to provide full 4G/5G coverage for your event venue, consider Betacom. We have years of experience in DAS site implementation with an extensive range of power solutions, and we’re VortServer trained. Contact us for a consultation today.