Smart robotics
powered by private 5G

Improve productivity and safety

Robust connectivity enables innovation

For modern industrial automation you need reliable network coverage, low latency, mobility, and cybersecurity protections. Private 5G leverages the advantages of cellular technology in a controlled environment so that bandwidth and security are maximized, and latency is minimized.

Smart Robotics Solution Brief

Smart Robotics,
Powered by Betacom

A managed private wireless network that supports robots throughout your facility

Increase Revenue
Improve your productivity with a high-speed private network and unlimited data usage.
Ensure Safety
Safely deploy robotics with a network that provides reliable connectivity. Always.
Turnkey Managed Service
Expert Betacom engineers work with you and your robotics partner to deliver an end-to-end service with performance guarantees.

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Betacom 5G

Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS) is a turnkey managed private wireless service that can be used to drive modern automation. We plan, design, install and operate the network for you. But you own and control the network and data. With our technical expertise and reliable, end-to-end performance and security monitoring you can put the latest robotic technology to work in your high-performance business.
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Industrial Grade Security

The combination of 5G security and our unique architecture will ensure your systems and data are safer than Wi-Fi.
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Turnkey Managed Service

We design, install, and provide the ongoing management of networks at one low cost.
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High-speed, Private Connection

You enjoy higher bandwidth and low latency on your very own uninterrupted spectrum.
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Cost-effective, Unlimited Usage

You get unlimited data usage at high speeds while controlling costs on your budget.

Smart Robotics Solution Brief

Smart Robotics Solution Brief
5GaaS Datasheet
Private Networks Overview

Decades of Experience

Betacom is partnering with high-performance enterprises enabling private 4G/5G solutions for warehouses, manufacturing and more. We can help design, build, and install the network for your upcoming robotics project with connectivity that is secure and affordable.
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