Breaking Records at Super Bowl 2020

  • 2 Sabre shelters combined to make one 1,250 sq-ft head-end space
  • 800A, 480V 3-phase service with 500KVA transformer
  • 4 10-ton Bard HVAC units; relocate two 6-ton Bard HVAC units
  • 7 Emerson 700 Series DC power plants
  • 12 miles of coax
  • 6 miles of Telcoflex power and ground cable
  • 3 miles of Corning fiber jumpers
  • 207 Ericsson radios
  • 120 Ericsson 6630 BBUs
  • 100 Marathon batteries
Aerial view of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami is no stranger to hosting massive events, having hosted the Super Bowl multiple times. For the 2020 Super Bowl, the stadium’s goal was to go beyond any other, giving every fan a premium experience. Doing that required a range of renovations to increase network capacity and performance.

With increased capacity came the need for more comprehensive wireless coverage. Sharing the event through social media and texting is now an intrinsic part of the fans’ experience. If they capture a memorable moment at the big game only to lose it because of a poor wireless connection, their experience will be marred.

Wireless internet is also essential for the extensive media coverage, as well as for communication among all the venue operations during the events. Expanding coverage was a major undertaking that demanded expert solution providers.

Increasing Capacity Under Tight Deadlines

Since Betacom has provided wireless solutions for the stadium since 2012, we were the obvious choice for this upgrade project. Throughout multiple renovations over the years, Betacom has risen to the occasion to maintain the highest quality service.

The greatest challenge was the tight deadline. Betacom had only 90 days to build a shelter, deploy massive amounts of equipment, and coordinate with all the engineers and designers. With efficiency, Betacom mapped out a plan for the designers.

Ultimately Betacom’s engineers installed three miles of Corning fiber jumpers to equip the stadium with sufficient 4G capacity. The project was completed in time for the event, which went off without a hitch, exceeding expectations.

Record-Breaking Service

26.42 TB of data was used during the Super Bowl, breaking all previous event data use records. There were 44,358 devices connected to the service in total, with an average of 595.6 megabytes per user! Fans reported an outstanding experience throughout the entire event.

If you need to increase internet capacity for your event in a short period of time, consider calling in our wireless infrastructure experts. Betacom will source equipment, install it, and collaborate with any other engineers you’re working with to make your venue’s event a success. Contact us for a consultation today.