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Wireless infrastructure and maintenance. It takes a massive amount of planning, skill sets and resources to make any deployment happen, and to keep it running flawlessly. And what about large-scale projects? Not many companies have the capabilities to provide these crucial services at scale and speed.

At Betacom, our longevity in the business of communications infrastructure has trained us to be quick, agile and flexible. That’s why some of the nation’s largest wireless service providers trust us to effectively mobilize skilled workers, resources and technologies to build, install, optimize and maintain their networks.

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Access to customer networks
Working with some of the largest wireless service providers means we are trusted to access customer networks. This greatly minimizes site alarms during and after a build.
Flexible resource management
We have the agility to immediately mobilize teams, resources and technologies all using a resource management platform that optimizes our operations.
Powerful project management
We are able to efficiently manage project life-cycles because our teams get live updates to monitor and maintain any project, no matter where they are.

Wireless services

Engineered with class

Long-standing relationships. Local teams in every state. Offering technology value at scale for operators and their end-users. These are the core pillars our wireless services are built on. We also focus fiercely on quality and safety oversight. But most of all, we care about network assurance to maximize customer experiences.

  • Construction & Installation

    Our experience in wireless construction and installation is second to none. We provide quality installations on-time at competitive prices. Our list of services ranges from site specific civil and tower work to underground fiber work and everything in between. Our in-house crews are all equipped with well stocked vehicles, materials and state of the art tools needed to troubleshoot and repair any site. We get it done with quality and safety regulations as top priorities.

    • Material procurement and management
    • Overhead and underground cell tower construction
    • OSP / ISP fiber
    • Node facilities
  • Site Support & Maintenance

    We understand the importance of performing regular maintenance work for every aspect of our wireless builds. Ensuring this critical step is met means our customers are getting year-round reliable and secure network operation. Every team from Betacom will go above and beyond to make sure we support our wireless customers and infrastructures.

    • Disaster preparation and mitigation
    • Disaster remediation and recovery
    • On-call cell tower construction services

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