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Private 5G Networks

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Most people think of connectivity as either hard-wired or Wi-Fi. Hard-wired solutions can be expensive and hard to manage. And Wi-Fi can be unreliable and hard to secure.

A private 5G network is the best of both worlds — a solution that’s perfect for the high-performance enterprise. It uses fast, dependable cellular technology secured behind your firewall, making it both secure and reliable to meet the demands of industrial and smart building environments.

Advantages for
high-performing enterprises

Managed connectivity with built-in, end-to-end encryption.
Dedicated high-speed broadband that won’t lag or fail.
Customized to your business needs across your entire enterprise.
Local control of your network access, policies, data and performance.

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Discover 5G as a Service (5GaaS)

Empower your business with a turnkey private network that is fully managed for you. The Betacom 5GaaS end-to-end managed solution gives you all the advantages of a private 5G network plus 24x7x365 backing of our Security and Service Operations Center (SSOC).
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