Improve warehouse operational

Connecting people, devices and robotics

Secure connectivity

Private 4/5G innovations

Warehouse and logistic businesses must maximize space, equipment, and resources to process goods with the greatest efficiency. That’s not easy.

Automation can be a key to profitability, but it also requires juggling a lot of moving parts. Automated storage and retrieval, robotics for conveyor and sortation systems, modern scanners for picking, autonomous mobile robots and consistent staff communications all require seamless connectivity. Relying on Wi-Fi can cause interruptions, bandwidth issues, and speed disruptions. Not to mention security concerns. Now, private 4G/5G networks can replace those problems with superior connectivity that’s reliable and secure.

Enable IoT for smart warehouse applications

No more interference
No more interference

Barcode, OCR and RFID scanners work anywhere despite racks, bales or other wireless networks.

Business-critical efficiency
Business-critical efficiency

No more loss of bandwidth or speed for critical workflow applications like laptops and printers.

Security and compliance
Security and compliance

Connect all your safety and monitoring equipment to provide respectful and effective security measures.

Improve your ROI
Improve your ROI

Integrated building and warehouse management solutions will cut costs and improve performance.

Choose Betacom for your high-performing operation

Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS) is a turnkey managed private wireless solution. We plan, design, install and operate the network for you. But you own and control the network and data. With our technical expertise and reliable, end-to-end performance and security monitoring you can put the latest technology to work in your high-performance warehouse.
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Enterprise-level security

5G security measures are vastly superior to Wi-Fi, keeping your data secure at all times.

Turnkey managed service

We design, install, and provide the ongoing management of networks at one low cost.

High-speed, private connection

You enjoy higher bandwidth and low latency on your very own uninterrupted spectrum.

Cost-effective, unlimited usage

You get unlimited data usage at high speeds while controlling costs on your budget.

Don’t stop there.

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Transform your operations with private 5G

Betacom has decades of experience as an innovation provider. We help you navigate the demands of connectivity and security, with a turnkey service that accommodates the latest technologies for IoT applications. Get started with us today.

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