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Improve US productivity through automation

Automation is the key

Supply chain issues and labor shortages have created a new trend in manufacturing: bring plants back to the US while attracting a smaller but engaged workforce. Automation can be a key to success. Private 5G provides reliable and secure connectivity for driving smart factory automation.

Smart Manufacturing Solution Brief

Private 5G networks enable Industry 4.0 innovation

Private 5G provides reliable network performance, mobility, and security for your manufacturing facility — all at an affordable price.

  • Ultra-low latency and superior bandwidth in hard-to-reach places, inside or out
  • Coverage that is targeted, local and precise, perfect for operating production lines
  • Mobility access for devices like automated guided vehicles and mobile robots
  • Sits behind your enterprise firewall; you control the network and the data
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Integrate Industrial IoT applications

Asset Tracking
Accurately track and monitor everything from raw materials and tools through final product shipment.
Predictive Maintenance
Condition-based monitoring and artificial intelligence can maintain the health of your production line.
Industrial Robotics
Integrate collaborative robotics into your production line for superior agility and precision.
Connected Worker
Provide employees access to Industrial PC production systems and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Modern automation is shaping the factory of the future

Choose Betacom for your high-performing operation

Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS) is a turnkey managed private wireless solution. We plan, design, install and operate the network for you. But you own and control the network and data. With our technical expertise and reliable, end-to-end performance and security monitoring you can put the latest technology to work in your high-performance warehouse.
stable secured network

Industrial Grade Security

The combination of 5G security and our unique architecture will ensure your systems and data are safer than Wi-Fi.
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Turnkey Managed Service

We design, install, and provide the ongoing management of networks at one low cost.

High-speed, Private Connection

You enjoy higher bandwidth and low latency on your very own uninterrupted spectrum.

Cost-effective, Unlimited Usage

You get unlimited data usage at high speeds while controlling costs on your budget.

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Betacom has decades of experience as an innovation provider. We help you navigate the demands of connectivity and security, with a turnkey service that accommodates the latest technologies for IoT applications. Get started with us today.  
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