Industry 4.0

Powered by Private 5G

Betacom 5G as a Service: A Turnkey Solution for Your Industry

You control the network. You own the data. You control the business outcome

Industrial Grade Security
Designed from the ground up to protect your critical infrastructure from threats and keep your data private.
Control Without the Hassle
You own and control the network and data. We manage and operate it for you.
High Bandwidth, Low Latency
Deploys rapidly while delivering reliable connectivity for business-critical applications and operations.
Affordable and Flexible
Leverages the best of 4G and 5G technologies that can scale as you do — all at an affordable price.

“The opportunity that this collection of organizations has to truly redefine the nature and the direction of manufacturing globally, and to return manufacturing to the U.S., cannot be overstated. We are incredibly proud to be able to supply the high-performance, highly-secure Private 5G network that will support those efforts.”

– Johan Bjorklund, Betacom CEO

Transform your business

Modern automation for maximum efficiency

In recent years, we saw 4G wireless connect a world of seven billion people. 5G will now allow us to connect billions of things, enabling the next wave of innovation. Industries like manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing are looking to 5G to transform their businesses through automation and data-driven insights.

To realize their digital transformation strategies, organizations need technology that can connect a million devices in a square kilometer with next-level speed, mobility, and security. Can technology meet the challenge of solving issues like supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, higher production yields, cybersecurity threats and more? Welcome to Industry 4.0, powered by private 5G.

Reliable performance, security, mobility


Above-wing or below-wing, airports need superior, secure connectivity without disruption.

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Factories require networking solutions to support robotics, devices and all that data!

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The smart warehouse must enable IoT applications while meeting compliance and delivering ROI.

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Decades of Experience

With decades as an innovation provider, Betacom is here to help you navigate the demands of modern connectivity. We design, build, install then operate the 5G network solution that fits your business requirements. Get started today with a private 5G network that’s secure and reliable.
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