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From the wireless spectrum we use, to the way we design and manage your network, Betacom 5G as a Service is built on a cyber defense architecture to protect your critical data from threats.

Securing Private Networks

5G as a Service with
end-to-end cybersecurity

Secure Cellular Foundation
Your network foundation is secure with strong 3GPP authentication, tunneling and encryption, as well as SIM-based access control – all on dedicated CBRS spectrum.
Private Network
The network is built on-site behind your firewall and under your control. Your data never intersects with public networks, making sure it stays private.
AirGap Protection Architecture
Your 4G/5G traffic is completely isolated from other systems to limit the potential impact of malicious activity targeting any part of your network.
Zero-Trust Design
Precise access control and traffic policies for every device and every application are tested and hardened before installation.
24x7 Management
We continually monitor traffic on your network. Regular vulnerability scans will alert you to any new threats, triggering your response strategy.

Your network is secure

From hiccups to hackers

Securing Private Networks

Securing Private Networks

Without secure networks the enterprise is at the mercy of both happenstance and hackers. Cybersecurity analysts no longer talk about ‘if’ there is a breach, but ‘when’. The case for private wireless networks has never been more clear, or more imperative to the security and risk management of any modern-day enterprises. Learn more in the 5GaaS Security Overview.

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MxD Cybersecurity

MxD Cybersecurity

Betacom is proud to work with the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing (MxD), providing 5GaaS to the factory floor. MxD brings high-performance manufacturing companies together to address the challenges of digital technology, automation and cybersecurity in manufacturing. The center promotes the advancement of cybersecurity tools and methodologies to defer risk. Learn more about MxD and cybersecurity.

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Betacom AirGap Protection™ FAQ

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Betacom has decades of experience as an innovation provider for high-performance enterprises like yours. We help you navigate the demands of connectivity and cybersecurity, by offering a turnkey service that can accommodate the latest technologies for IoT applications. Get started today with business-critical connectivity that’s secure and reliable.
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