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DAS & small cells

Connecting your end-user with maximum speed

Fast, secure connections. It wouldn’t be possible without the right infrastructure in place. It’s the finer details of a build that make all the difference in having reliable cellular coverage in large venues and buildings.

The good news? It’s what we do best. With over a decade of experience in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cell installations, we guarantee first-class, professional results with every project. That’s why we’re trusted across the nation for end-to-end quality builds that connect end-users with faster, more reliable mobile experiences.

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A stable, secure network
Get more reliable cellular coverage to sustain your enterprise needs for years to come.
Speed like never before
Enjoy faster upload and download speeds for all your enterprise needs without risk of interruption.
Connection in crucial areas
Target high-capacity areas that need the strongest network connection available.

End-to-end service

End-to-end excellence

Since 2011, our full suite of DAS services has enabled some of the fastest and most secure mobile networks in the country. Betacom’s DAS team has designed and constructed high-profile public and private spaces ranging from airports to stadiums and beyond.

Our staff are certified across all major DAS and small cell manufacturers available today, and our Project Managers provide coordination between our clients, the venue, and our equipment providers.

  • Site Development & Design

    Our teams have intimate in-market knowledge of the current mobile environment. ​ We offer services for all project types and sizes. The following list of offerings includes standalone options for any segment of your program or comprehensive turnkey packages from start to finish.

    What we offer:
    • Project management
    • Permitting
    • Utility coordination reports
    • Structural engineering
    • Municipal engineering
    • Surveying and site audits
  • Technical

    Our highly trained in-house crews have in-depth knowledge in the areas of 4G/5G networks, small cell radios, and Distributed Antenna Systems deployed across available spectrum options. Our teams are focused on understanding your exact requirements and troubleshooting needs with risk avoidance strategies to keep projects on track and within budget.

    This includes:
    • Site preparation, ancillary and OEM equipment
    • Installation & integration
    • Nokia ASP, Ericsson ASP
    • Power plants
    • Final system acceptance
    • VSWR & PIM testing
  • Specialty

    Our mission is to develop core specialty services that allow us to respond to the challenges facing our customers as the wireless environment matures. Our ability to scale solutions with speed is an asset we have been recognized for.

    Our specialty services include:
    • DAS and head-end equipment room design and installation
    • PIM and sweep testing (utilizing in-house crews and equipment)
    • Tower light training and installation
    • Disaster recovery
    • Stealth design and installation
    • Mobile unit maintenance and repairs (COWS, COLTS, generators, etc.)
    • Microwave services
    • Small cell network design and installation
  • Disaster Recovery & Logistics

    Our teams are experts at managing complete restoration efforts by identifying and quickly resolving damage to disaster sites by swiftly deploying portable generators or temporary cell sites (COW/ COLT). Recovery programs we have participated in include Hurricanes Michael, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Irma, and Maria.

    Services include:
    • Site assessments and repairs, generator storage and/or deployment
    • Securing fuel, fuel storage and distribution
    • Overall site maintenance
    • Ability to provide temporary lodging, mobile laundry, kitchens, and pantries for our clients
    • Staff trained to take measures to secure construction sites as needed to protect against approaching inclement weather

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