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Close gaps in your perimeter security

Turnkey perimeter surveillance

Betacom Perimeter Surveillance Solution powered by 5GaaS delivers affordable, reliable physical security protection at the enterprise boundaries. Thermal and motion tracking cameras and AI-driven alerts provide complete visibility and protection.

Perimeter Surveillance Solution Brief

Perimeter Surveillance Solution
Powered by Private 5G

Outdoor connectivity that’s reliable, secure, and affordable

Comprehensive video security
Includes modern cameras, AI, private wireless connectivity, and solar or grid power that works with your existing systems.
Hassle-free deployment
You own and control the network and data. We install, manage, and operate it for you.
Accurately monitor, detect and alert
Better visibility and response with motion and thermal camera feeds driven by Artificial Intelligence.
Affordable and flexible
Private 5G wireless network that’s backed by security experts. And with unlimited data.

Just how affordable is it?

Your cost is based on your actual site specifications. We take your property perimeter and your specific network needs and provide you with a basic proposal. Let’s get started.
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Step 1

An introductory call will help us determine the perimeter of your site.
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Step 2

Camera Estimate
Betacom estimates the number of cameras required.
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Step 3

Network Needs
With a site survey we verify your exact network needs.
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Step 4

Betacom provides you with a customized cost proposal.

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Transform your airport, warehouse, or manufacturing facility with a reliable and secure Perimeter Surveillance Solution from the private wireless network experts.
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