Control your network to control your automation destiny

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Project Engineer Talks to Female Operator who Controls Facility Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing AI, Machine Learning Enhanced Assembly Process

When it comes to Industry 4.0, data is one of your most valuable assets. The ability to collect, analyze and use data to improve your operations is a fundamental benefit of industrial automation – one that requires a network to carry data from the source to the point of analysis and back again.

Just like other precious assets, data must be protected at all costs. Ideally, proprietary data from automation equipment should be kept on-site, encrypted, and behind your firewall. Each time data travels to the cloud or shares airwaves with a public cellular network, it increases your chances of a cybersecurity breach. In fact, IBM’s 2023 security report indicates that 82% of breaches involved data stored in the cloud. This not only jeopardizes your business-critical information, but can put your employees, customers and supply chain at risk.

An important aspect of data security is maintaining control of your network infrastructure. Experts from GigaOM recently cited control among the most important advantages of Private 5G networks. They are built within your facility using dedicated spectrum, which allows you to prioritize bandwidth and coverage where you need it. Betacom 5GaaS takes cybersecurity even further. Our customers own every element of their network and work with us to define security policies for each device and type of traffic. By comparison, mobile operators offer what we call semi-private networks where they typically maintain control over the physical hardware and security policies and assume ownership of your data as well.

As you consider all the elements that contribute to industrial automation, don’t overlook the network. Prioritizing ownership and control can help protect your intellectual property and uphold your competitive advantage.

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