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Cybersecurity is the foundation of a robust private 5G network solution. From the initial design phase through day-to-day operations, our 5G as a Service (5GaaS) solution is built with network security in mind. And your network is fully managed and monitored 24×7 by our Security and Service Operations Center (SSOC), complete with machine learning/AI technology and the cyber experts you can rely on to keep your network operating securely. Our SSOC provides the highest standard of cybersecurity management through zero trust principles, offering you ongoing peace of mind.

5G as a Service with
end-to-end cybersecurity

Along with establishing the technical and performance requirements for applications that must run on your network, we’ll ensure your cybersecurity policies and procedures are applied to the network.
During the design phase, the network and security architecture is established to your requirements. Critical applications and data are protected behind your firewall for superior functionality and cyber risk protection.
Private network staging and cybersecurity hardening ensure no surprises. We perform precise troubleshooting, risk avoidance, performance, and rigorous testing so your network functions worry-free from day one.
Rest easy with proactive 24x7 SSOC monitoring. AI/ML technology plus continuous AIOps systems deliver periodic vulnerability scans and ongoing technical support, yet you maintain control your data and network.

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From hiccups to hackers

Securing Private Networks

Securing Private Networks

Without secure networks the enterprise is at the mercy of both happenstance and hackers. Cybersecurity analysts no longer talk about ‘if’ there is a breach, but ‘when’. The case for private wireless networks has never been more clear, or more imperative to the security and risk management of any modern-day enterprises. Learn more in the 5GaaS Security Overview.

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MxD Cybersecurity

MxD Cybersecurity

Betacom is proud to work with the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing (MxD), providing 5GaaS to the factory floor. MxD brings high-performance manufacturing companies together to address the challenges of digital technology, automation and cybersecurity in manufacturing. The center promotes the advancement of cybersecurity tools and methodologies to defer risk. Learn more about MxD and cybersecurity.

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Securing Private Networks

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Betacom has decades of experience as an innovation provider for high-performance enterprises like yours. We help you navigate the demands of connectivity and cybersecurity, by offering a turnkey service that can accommodate the latest technologies for IoT applications. Get started today with business-critical connectivity that’s secure and reliable.
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