Security Concerns in Private Wireless Deployments

S&P Global Market Intelligence Report

When to use private wireless?

Brian Watkins: Executive Vice President – 5GaaS at Betacom

If the idea of a private wireless network is a new concept for you, check out this short video where Brian Watkins covers key drivers in private 5G network adoption.

Key Findings

83% of enterprises surveyed plan to use some form of private wireless technologies for IoT deployment. Their focus is often on new technologies, which can drive significant business impact.


Private wireless offers secure, scalable connectivity that enterprises need


The wireless network threat landscape evolves rapidly

Workforce challenges

Most enterprises face staffing gaps in network security

Managed service

Managed private deployments help relieve overburdened security teams

Manage your connectivity with security built in

Discover the security advantages of a fully managed private 5G network

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