Success is No Accident

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2022

I know humility is a good quality, but it would be dishonest if I didn’t do a bit of crowing today. We learned this morning that we won not one but two American Business Association Stevie Awards – one for our innovative private network service and one for our inspiring CEO.

Johan Bjorklund was named one of the top Maverick’s of the Year for his leadership in 5G innovation.  This award recognizes executives who have had a significant impact on their industry, and there is no doubt that Johan fits the bill. 

Johan was the driving force in the development and launch of the industry’s first fully managed private 5G network service – a rare visionary who saw the potential for private networks to revitalize U.S. manufacturing, warehousing/logistics, and transportation.

In just three short years since bringing new investors to Betacom and becoming CEO, Johan tripled the revenue from Betacom’s existing wireless infrastructure business. At the same time, he developed and executed on a plan to build a new private wireless managed service business, culminating in the launch of Betacom 5G as a Service in May 2021. Speaking of humility, Johan has an open, transparent leadership style that makes the rest of us eager to share and fulfill his vision.

And, to top it off, Betacom 5G as a Service won the Gold prize in the Industrial Products and Services category.  This Stevie Award recognized Betacom for providing a turnkey service that gives enterprises streamlined access to a new private network soluton that is the ideal foundation for Industry 4.0 initiatives. Betacom 5GaaS delivers a secure, cost-effective, low-latency, high-performance private network that the enterprise can control, allowing them to directly drive their desired business outcomes.

If you see fireworks on the western horizon tonight, know that they are coming from a very proud team at the Betacom headquarters in Bellevue Washington.

Brian Watkins
EVP Sales and Business Development