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Just five months ago, I joined Betacom as its first CFO. Why did I do that? For the same reason that our investors are so committed to our vision for the company that they invested another $15 million in the company’s success. It’s all about potential.

Betacom was born 30 years ago at the dawn of the wireless age, and became a successful pioneer in the the construction of cell phone towers and antennas. Building on that foundation, I saw the potential for the company to again become a successful pioneer, in the next phase of the wireless revolution. As a recovering industrial engineer, I can’t resist an opportunity to help 1 + 1 = 3. I joined a team with many years of experience in all facets of the cellular industry, including operations, hardware, and the nascent private wireless space. I’m not a wireless veteran.  To their credit, the management team wanted a CFO with a different background to bring a new and diverse perspective. And of course I was attracted by the fact the Betacom has a committed group of investors, who were willing to insure that the company has adequate capital to be successful. It always helpful as a finance professional when you know that your investors are solidly behind you; it frees you and the rest of the management team to focus on running and growing the business. 

And why are our investors so committed? Again, it’s all about potential. They are pushing us to do more, faster, because they see the potential in the private wireless market.  Some analysts expect the U.S. private wireless market to grow to over $60 billion by 2030. I’m not a computing or wireless expert, but even I know that the success of today’s and tomorrow’s enterprises is dependent on data⏤collecting it, transmitting it, and analyzing it. The only thing that is more important that the data itself is the security of the data. Enterprise wants to and needs to be free to focus on analyzing, interpreting and acting on their data, not the movement or the security of the data. That’s where private wireless networks and Betacom come in.

A private wireless network provides businesses with secure, cost-effective access to high-speed broadband behind their own firewalls to meet Internet of Things (IoT) and staff communication needs. What Betacom brings to the table is simplicity. Betacom 5G-as-a-Service is a turnkey private wireless service that we manage from design through installation and daily operation. Enterprises don’t have to hire a single person to implement⏤which I know is especially critical in today’s resource-constrained environment. And best of all, enterprises keep control of the element that is most important to their business⏤the data.

Potential is why I joined Betacom, and that’s why our investors are so excited about what we are doing. Come check us out at Betacom.com. There is lots of opportunity for capable, diverse, and motivated individuals to join us. 

Sherilyn Anderson