Google + Betacom
Spells Enterprise Success

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We are humbled and thrilled to be named as one of Googles inaugural partners in their new private networks solution portfolio on the Google Distributed Cloud Edge (GDC Edge).  Google has been championing the value of private wireless networks for over a decade, when they were active participants on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) – the group that made the first recommendations about how spectrum sharing could lead to real economic advancement for enterprises across the US.  This early work led to a model for spectrum sharing called Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), dubbed the Innovation Band.

Fast forward ten years and the dream is becoming a reality. Private 4G/5G networks are being deployed across industry sectors in the US. Transportation hubs like airports are seeking operational efficiency and reduced turnaround times with automated baggage and cargo handling and AI-enabled perimeter cameras that can distinguish a person from a tumbleweed. Manufacturing facilities need safe and reliable robotics for their Industry 4.0 initiatives as they deal with labor shortages. Warehouses require logistics automation to streamline operations and manage supply chain issues. Large retail environments need flexible store layouts and computer vision for consumer insights. These are just some of the early applications that we’re discussing with our customers.

From those first conversations, Google and others recognized that the real value would come from giving enterprises access to spectrum so they could run their own truly private networks. In keeping with the spirit and intent of these early discussions, a genuine private network is deployed on premises.  Data stays within the enterprise behind their firewall.  They don’t have to pay anyone for data usage.  In the Betacom 5G as a Service model, the only data that securely leaves the premises is control data so that we can monitor and manage the network from the GDC Edge.  Our customers are charged a monthly fee for this service, not for data usage.  We call this the “gold standard” for a true private network – enterprise control, data ownership, and unlimited usage, backed by robust security.

By joining with Google as one of their few selected partners to deploy our private network service, we are looking forward to the chance to provide more and more enterprises with the opportunity to cost-effectively deploy private networks throughout their organizations. This allows companies to control their business outcomes, in keeping with the vision of the creators of the Innovation Band.

Brian Watkins
EVP Sales and Business Development