Betacom 5GaaS: Private Networks Done Right

SCD Small Cell Awards 2022 Winner

In all the excitement around our MxD partnership announcement last week, winning the Small Cell Forum Award for Outstanding Contribution to New Small Cell Business Case might have gotten lost.  With today’s press release from Airspan announcing that they won a total of three Small Cell Forum Awards, including their participation in our Award, I wanted to revisit the news and show how it’s all related.

In our MxD Private 5G announcement, we named our private network RAN and core partners publicly for the first time.  We selected the Druid Raemis Core and the Airspan Networks’ RAN, not just for the MxD deployment, but as the first partners fully integrated with our 5GaaS solution.

As we were developing 5GaaS, the Engineering team surveyed the ecosystem to find best-in-breed partners for providing these two key components of the solution – a flexible mobile 4G/5G core that could be deployed on premises, and a RAN that could deliver 4G at launch and then quickly migrate to 5G.  For enterprises, this means the solution has been fully tested as a whole, and it just works when installed.  For Betacom, this means we can commit to ongoing KPIs with fully integrated solution elements.

As today’s announcement from Airspan makes clear, we made the right choice.  Airspan is making news across the globe with their portfolio of indoor and outdoor 4G/5G small cells, including this latest award with Rakuten Mobile, and Druid and Airspan together are focused on simplifying deployments with their pre-integrated 5G Network in a Box. Their approach exemplifies what we’re all about at Betacom – combining excellence with ease of use.

We were recognized for this approach in our Small Cell Forum Award for our contribution to simplifying the small cell business case by offering private networks as a managed service.  Betacom developed a new business model for securely delivering truly private networks to industries across the U.S. We plan, design, install and operate private 4G/5G networks, using best-in-breed components from our partners, backed by our modern AI-driven NOC that proactively manages security in addition to network operations. 

The more customers, partners, and analysts I talk to, the more convinced I am that we are unique in our approach, and we’re having an impact as a result.  No other company has teams of experienced wireless professionals across the U.S. who can quickly and expertly install the private network.  No other company has a U.S.-based Security and Services Operations Center that operates 24×7 so that our customers can focus on their business, not their network.  And here’s a secret.  No other company has a dedicated, customer-focused team like the Betacom 5GaaS team. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and I know the best is yet to come.  Stay tuned!

Johan Bjorklund, CEO