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Introducing Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS)


Why settle for less?

Business-critical applications need the fastest connections. But here’s the problem – wired networks are costly and complex to install, while Wi-Fi lacks the security, reliability and bandwidth needed to drive new technologies in the modern workplace.

With Betacom 5GaaS, you’ll get a private wireless solution provided as an end-to-end managed service. It’s highly reliable, secure, deploys rapidly, and gives you superior bandwidth for all your enterprise needs.

Made for

Enterprise-level security
Enterprise-level security

5G security measures are vastly superior to Wi-Fi, keeping your important data secure at all times.

Turnkey managed service
Turnkey managed service

We design, install, and provide the ongoing management of networks at one low cost.

High-speed, private connection
High-speed, private connection

You enjoy higher bandwidth and low latency on your very own uninterrupted spectrum.

Cost-effective, unlimited usage
Cost-effective, unlimited usage

You get unlimited data usage at high speeds while controlling costs on your budget.

Upgrading to
5G is easy

We take the extra steps to make sure you get the best 5G experience, tailored for your enterprise. Just reach out, give us the details of your site, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Step 1

    Preliminary Quote

    You’ll be amazed at how cost effective Betacom 5GaaS is. Find out by providing building design drawings, target coverage areas, and expected use cases. And we’ll send you a preliminary quote.

  • Step 2

    Detailed Quote & Design

    Betacom will design a tailored solution with a detailed quote and site design that includes coverage heat maps.

  • Step 3


    Once you approve the detailed quote and site design requirements, Betacom will schedule the install at your earliest convenience.

  • Step 4

    Ongoing Management

    Once the 5G wireless solution has been installed, service will begin and Betacom will provide ongoing support and management of the network.

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